A Tisket, A Tasket, A Kitty in a Basket

In my experience, all kitties love defined spaces for curling up in to sleep or to just observe the world from. Baskets seem to be a kitty's "best friend". Today's photo collection is in honor of our kitties' love of baskets.

Above: Although the top male kitty around here, Dexter still can't resist an empty basket.

Above left: Dexter isn't picky about the shape of basket. Square or round... either is fine.
Above right: Fortunately these are silk tulips that Thomasina has chosen to squish her little 7 pound body into. She thought she was invisible to everyone.

Above left: Gus Gus shows that sometimes a basket just isn't enough. Sometimes you have to lay in a box that's IN a basket. Gus Gus (our mentally challenged kitty) thinks he's much smaller than he really is. Fortunately his big lanky body is more fluff and fur than anything else.
Above right: Thomasina's diminutive size let's her sit up under the handle of this basket in her signature "diva" pose.

Okay, just hold on Gussy Bear... that isn't a basket at all!!! That's your ring toy! See, I said cats love small defined spaces.
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  1. Kitties do love baskets (and reing toys), and they like shoes when they're kittens. Your cats are so cute!


  2. These cats seem to enjoy these baskets. Great photographs of lovely cats. I have five outdoor cats and I have never seen them curl up in a basket. I am missing out!
    Sara from farmingfriends

  3. Gus is smart! What could be better than a box inside a basket?

  4. Love your kitties! Dexter and my cat, Mick, could be litter mates! Thanks too, for your kind comments at Brushstrokes, etc. :-) -Helen

  5. The flower basket with the kitty had me laughing!

  6. I want to run over to your cottage and gather up all of the baskets:) filled of course:))

  7. Wonderful kitty photos! And wonderful flower photos as well.

  8. I love kitty's.. Why is it that they love boxes, baskets and so forth.. I will get to the meme tomorrow.. I just got my net up..

  9. Too cute! I had to laugh at Thomasina thinking she was invisible - our dogs, especially Kobie, do that all the time. He'll stand very still - or just slightly behind a tree or lawn chair - and then pounce when you get closer - I'm sure he thinks by being still, he's hiding in plain sight - lol!


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