Poor Dee Dee... It's Hard Being the Matriarch Kitty

A recent post over at Greenie Gardens talked about their kitty cat, Sparky. I quote:

"He has no sense of propriety and lays on top of Goldie and knocks Sylvester off
his food."
I had to laugh because I thought only our kitty cat Gus Gus (aka Gussy Bear) did that! Ironically, Hubby had just captured Gus doing the former (i.e., laying on top of our orange tabby Dee Dee) in a photograph the day before I read the post at Greenie Gardens about Sparky.

Photo below: Gus Gus just flops right on top of Dee Dee if he can find her sleeping somewhere where there is room for him.

Photo below: Dee Dee oftens looks up with eyes that say, "Daddy, help me!!!!!"

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  1. I think it is very wonderful that Gus and Dee Dee can curl up together like that. No part of me can touch Pixie, or I will be sorry!

  2. LOL, my boy Merlin also does that. He's such a loving boy that he wants to be as close as possible to the other cats, especially his mom Delia. Delia doesn't always like it either as Merlin is twice as big and heavy as she is.

    Cute cat pics though!


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