Dexter Loves the Smell of...


Dexter loves to rub his face, lips and sometimes his gums on anything rubber. He just adored this rubber mallet when it got left on the floor after one of our many home improvement projects. What a very silly kitty cat!
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  1. Wowww....

    Perphaps the touch of Rubber is let he feels good?

  2. It's a cat thing for sure! I think it's the scent of rubber. If we leave out a rubber band, poof!, my cat has swallowed it. Of course it comes back out almost as fast....I'll have to try putting a rubber mallet out and see if it has the same allure (minus trying to eat it).

  3. Rubber! I like that stuff too. It smells very... rubbery!

    I never smelt a rubber mallet though. I think that is for Mancats only.

  4. Dexter looks like my Pierre. Actually, all three of my cats look pretty much the same. I've never noticed the rubber thing.

  5. Looks like Dexter likes what I like too, something about rubber or asphalt during hot summer days lol. Anna :) lol these are the only and only legal drugs I am inhaling.

  6. Cindy - these photo's reminded me of the game Cluedo! Dexter did it - in the lounge - with the rubber mallet! Thanks for the smile, they're really lovely snaps.

  7. Oh those pix are too cute!
    (the great black dogs would be chewing on the rubber mallet!)

  8. Dexter is really loving that rubber mallet. I wonder what it is about rubber that attracts some cats.

  9. Dexter is indeed a very sill cate (very cute too).


  10. Oh gosh yes, Cats are Silly!

  11. Hi Cindy! Thanks for posting on my blog. I went back and read some of your posts and love the one about new beginnings. Would love more info on the PBS lecturer. I am intrigued. Lisa @


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