A Trip to the City (without words)

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  1. Ahhhhh such a big city tonic! That Salt Lake must be real big to have such large boats in it.
    Can I confess my mouth began to water at the sight of the dripping delight in the float glass:) Can you believe I do not even like ice creme!?
    I am amused that I was your muse today:) we are amusing each other.
    It is a good thing as MS would say.
    How much is shipping for the bigcoffee mug?...if I can get the houseman here to take a hint:)
    Yesterday I found a fat round robin and a hugh finch bathing together in my founatin! Camera not at hand {BAD!} they drip dried as they flew off:(
    Tomorrow brings a bit of sepia, Keats, humor & mystery....such an eclectic combo. Intrigued?

  2. Ok, did you HAVE to post the Fenton's picture? You did that just to make me a bit homesick didn't you? Is Bonnie's used bookstore, "The Black Swan" still next door to Fentons? I always found a treasure there.

    I am sitting here craving a Fenton's Crab Sandwich and a Double Dutch Chocolate Shake. Thank you so much! LOL.

    How come the label says Salt Lake City?

  3. Oops, the label "auto fill" put in "Salt Lake City" when I typed in "city". It's not Salt Lake City. It's Oakland. ~~Cindy

  4. Oooooh, Cindy, this was fun! I love how you told such a complete story in just photos (that really aren't 'just photos.')

    Love it!

  5. Looks like it was a fun day! Great photos :-)

  6. From morning to evening looks like you had a great day!

  7. You saved the best for last. Probably every good-sized city has a special place that makes and serves home-made ice cream, and Fenton's looks especially inviting.

  8. I love the simple watermelon picture!

  9. We recently moved to Michigan from Calistoga, CA. Yes, Michigan as we have grandchildren in the area. What a treat it was to see Fenton's - what fond and fattening memories I have of that wonderful place. Thanks for the great photos. Stephanie

  10. Great post - I love the photos!! I'm a total water freak - and the ice cream place looks too fun. Looks like a nice day in the city.

  11. Oh my goodness - Fenton’s. When I was pregnant with the 1st, I would make anyone I could find drive me to Fenton’s. It was quite a trek from Calistoga (greenie gardens is my mom), but once you have had a malt a Fenton’s your life really isn't the same.


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