What's Growing in the Rosehaven Cottage Gardens

Top left: Spanish Flag blooms are finally present in my garden! Last year the seeds I planted sprouted and climbed very nicely but never bloomed. This year I have lovely variegated blossoms that remind me of candy corns.
Top right: Thanks to K.'s generosity in giving me sunflower seedlings from her nursery as well as the Spanish Flag,I have a wonderful array of sunflowers this year which I would not have had otherwise thanks to ravenous birds that ate all the seeds I planted. K. is an amazing horticulturist and a wonderful friend! This photograph was a "happy accident" of unintentional over-exposure with my DSLR. I love when that happens.
Bottom left: Zinnias are so awesome because I let mine go to seed last year and they reseeded themselves this year and produced amazing blooms like this hot pink baby! Can you believe the beauty in the symetry of the petal design? There really is a loving God that gave us gorgeous flowers like this just for us to enjoy viewing.
Bottom right: Another "happy accident" occurred as I was photographing the zinnias. I turned to photograph this blossom and saw that a small butterfly was dining on the nectar. What a treat for both the butterfly and myself!
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  1. Love the blooms, lucky to capture that butterfly. I even like the dried sunflower on the previous post. Would make a lovely pen&ink sketch.

  2. What a beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing it with us so many miles away!

  3. Very lovely photos of the flowers, and sunflowers are my favorite. These are very cool shots. Anna :)

  4. So pretty, Cindy! Would you believe I've never planted zinnias? I don't know why - I think next year I will!

  5. The Spanish Flag does look like candy corn - a perfect flower for fall! Kathy

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Lovely images, looks like a type of skipper on your zinnias.
    Nice selection of images on your calendars too.

    Cheers Mark

  7. You have a wonderful garden!! Full of colours.

    I’ve seen in one of your posts, the pictures of your kitties...ahh, they are just so cuttttteeee!!

  8. The wonderful thing about gardening is that you get to try again next year if things don't work out the first time you tried it.

    Looking at the pics of your Zinnia's I was thinking: why don't I have those flowers in my garden? Well, there is always next year! :-)

    BTW what a lovely surprise that cute little butterfly is.


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