Walking the Cat and Finding Bits of Red

Above Left: Dexter, my beautiful tabby, walking on his red leash in the garden.
Above right: Red canna lilies growing by the pond add a bright punch of red here and there.

Above: A red pomegranate almost ready to harvest hangs down from the bush with the pond in the background.

Above: My wonderfully gorgeous 17 lb. tabby, Dexter, absolutely loves to walk on a leash out in the garden, so I obliged him this evening and toted my camera along. I realized that I was photographing bits of red after I got back into the house and reviewed the photos. The color of his leash must have seeped into my subconscious somehow.

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  1. I think that is pomegranate, is that pomegranate?
    I love pomegranate very much, in my old house, my mother plant a pomegranate tree~! So I have lots of memory with it~!

    tabby Dexter is very graceful~!

  2. Dexter is a lucky kitty to wander in such safety with you along side of him.
    The colors of the flowers are enchanting...the sunflowers are so happy...and you have frogs!? How lucky for you! We have tried for years to set out dozens of tadpoles with no results:( We have a cricket concert every night but no harmony with froggy songs.
    I was inspired by your photo of the monarch on the buddliea. yesterday I found a buff color praying mantis in the German stattice. At first I thought it was a leaf that had fallen in the pre autumn wind...then it moved. I will post the photo this week as I can fit it into a theme of some kind.
    I look forward to autumn and the gifts she brings...the long shadows are coming.
    I so enjoy my visits with you here at Rosehaven Cindy:) a calm and serene respite from the world.

  3. My word Cindy that image is so wonderfully sharp I feel as if I'd like to bend down and stroke your lovely cat.

    The red in your photos just mean passion to me, it's obvious that so many things fire your creative urges.

    It's truly a gift.

  4. I wish I had your garden, there are so much inspiration there. Your photos really makes it all come alive for us. I'm sure the cats has a save haven.Thea

  5. Your kitty is beautiful - you took some great images of him!

    I am envious of your garden with the pretty pond and and the gorgeous looking pomegranate!

    So beautiful!

  6. I love the splashes of red everywhere. It looks so pretty next to the more subdued natural colors. And Dexter looks handsome in red!

  7. I love your kitty cat.. Male Tabbies are so lovable and loyal.. Canna is looking good!!

  8. Male tabby cats are extremely loyal! He's like a little dog in a catsuit. Cindy

  9. Oh Dexter is so cute, very lovely photos of them and once again the red pomegranate - I wish I could grow these here, I never have enough of these, anna :)

  10. Dexter is so, so handsome! I love brown tabbies. I just love tabbies period. They're so kind and loving and nearly everything you want in a cat.

  11. What a great looking cat...To protect pets from chemicals my wife invented a product to apply insecticide close to wasp nests.

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