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"The special crispness of an autumn morning, the beautiful coloured leaves, the taste of roasted chestnuts, the scent of burning logs; autumn is such a treat for all the senses, isn't it?"

Yolanda Elizabet at Bliss

Yolanda Elizabet at Bliss left this wonderful comment on my previous post "Autumnal Color Palette". When I read her comment out loud to Hubby his first words were, "Now that is true poetry." I agree. Thank you Yolanda! This compilation of photos is dedicated to your poetic words about our favorite season--Autumn.

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  1. Deep russet reds....tangy....crisp,
    matte and powdery. This is what I feel as I look at the photo shoot.
    I wrote this poetry three years ago and want to share it with you:
    Miss Summer
    changes her dressing gown ......
    slowly in the crisping eves.
    A golden cloak she pulls around
    her amber hair a dew drops tease.
    She softly wakes the drowsy dawn
    with her dainty morning yawn~~~
    stretching lazy arms to reach
    the Cape Cod sunbeams
    upon the beach...
    Karla 2004

    ps: I did the mem you tagged me with today:

  2. Gorgeous as always. And I couldn''t have said it better myself.

    There's an award waiting for you at my blog...check it out.

  3. Cindy. lovely photos, especially the first one - yellow leaves. anna :)

  4. Cool photos - and I love Yolanda's comment - perfect!

  5. Autumn has its true beauty and you capture it honest,enjoy all the colours. We are having spring here in the southern hemisphere.

  6. I'm glad that my simple words have inspired you to create such a lovely post. Thank you for your autumn tribute in pictures Cindy! Together we would make a great team, don't you think? ;-)


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