Happy Birthday Dexter and Dee Dee!

Today, September 6th, is the birthday of the two "Originals", Dexter and Dee Dee. As brother and sister from the same litter, they both turn 7 years old today! [photo at left taken by Hubby]

We love them both so very much that it's hard to remember life before Dexter and Dee Dee were a part of it. They are such loyal little companions that we often joke that they are "dogs in cat-suits".

Each chose their human very early on in life. Dexter chose me as his human, while Dee Dee chose Hubby as her human. Still, they are both equal opportunity kitties when it comes to being lovable to both of us.

As a special birthday tribute, we share some favorite photos of them both as kittens and as grown-up kitties. Happy Birthday!

Above left: Dexter as a kitten looking soooooo cute!
Above right: Dexter drinking from the bathroom faucet (photo taken by Hubby)

Above left: Dee Dee as a kitten. Even then she always found a box to lay in.
Above right: Dee Dee as an adult "scootching on the smooth" (she loves newly smoothed out bedsheets and blankets).

Did you know that Dexter has his own line of clothing and accessories? Click here to see.
Did you know that Dee Dee has her own line of clothing and accessories too? Click here to see.
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  1. Hi Cindy, I love these photos. Your cats are beautiful. I have only 1 called Abbey, a female tortoise shell, which I love. They are wonderful companions:) We have 2 Hungarian vizslas (dogs) also & fish! so we can't go away without a house-sitter staying here usually my Mum :) I really enjoy your blog. I will have to have a closer look & visit all your links etc.

    I hope the fires are put out successfully. We get terrible bush fires here in Australia, luckily my family haven't been through that devastation.

    Best wishes & Happy birthday Dexter & Dee Dee,

    Maria from Down Under, Biloela, Central Queensland

  2. Happy Birthday to the kitties. Your hubby takes great pictures too! Tell him Hi!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Kitties Dear,
    Happy Days will come to you all year.
    If I had one wish, then it would be.
    A happy happy birthday to you from me.

  4. Happy birthday to Dee Dee and Dexter from me and the rest of the Good Cats. (And many more!)

  5. I can't imagine life without out little companions. Thanks for featuring them today. xoxoxo

  6. Happy Birthday to your kitties! I love the first picture with their profiles - they're beautiful!

  7. Happy Birthday Dexter and Dee Dee! I hope you had a wonderful day full of many presents, treats, and scritches.

  8. Happy Birthday Dexter and Dee Dee, all the best and many many happy years to go. Cindy, very lovely photos, especially the first one, you really captured two of them nicely and the emotion of both. Nice, anna :)

  9. I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday, Dexter and Dee Dee. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  10. I love your kitties! Dexter looks a lot like my kitty, Mick, who we got when he was far too young and had to be fed out of an eye dropper and then a bottle. He's 14 lbs. now - and a big boy, but very loving! Thanks for introducing us to your kitty family!

  11. Such an adorable gaggle of kitties here at Rosehaven Cottage:)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dee Dee and Dexter:))
    Love Miss Peach

  12. I love seeing your kitties - happy birthday to them!! The one of Dexter drinking from the faucet is too cute!


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