Reflections at Pond's Edge

Today has been a day of soul-searching, self-reflection, and pondering. Fortunately, I have gardens that are conducive to those activities.

The fish obliged me as I sat at the pond's edge and sprinkled food flakes into the water for them to eat. Dexter, on his leash, sprawled out behind my chair while Tom Tom wandered along his patrol paths sniffing the "message boards" of the felines in the neighborhood. The dragonflies are still out and about in our climate, so they came out and zipped back and forth in a canopy above me. I've managed to go completely bug bite free this summer thanks to those beloved dragonflies.

Sometimes, one just needs to take time and think. And that's exactly what I did.
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  1. I'm especially glad that we haven't had any mosquitoes for years now...they were such a bother in those pondless years...and no risk of west nile virus! Thank you!!

  2. Sometimes we just need those thoughtful spots, don't we? You're so fortunate to have one. The sunflower is gorgeous, by the way!

  3. I love your sunflower. A restful, thoughtful day by the pond is a wonderful thing. Dragonflies are great insects to have around.

  4. I can just invision your place, I think I am getting complete picture not just on the pictures but sensing peace and beauty of the nature. How cool, anna :)
    btw mosquitoes been eating me alive this year, at some point they chased me out the forest lol

  5. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I appreciate your kind comment.

    This image is beautiful, as are the others on your lovely blog. May I ask what kind of camera you use?

    Hope you have a wonderful evening!

  6. I call days like that "Mental Health Days." We need those every now and then.

  7. Wonderful sunflower photo and post, Cindy. I love to read reflections of this nature, where one sets the mood/setting and muses a bit! I've put your link on my page....

  8. I love taking time to just spend time with myself. Good for you!

    I just finished catching up on all of your lovely posts - obviously I need to check in more often!! It is always such a treat to visit here - thank you for the lovely photos and thoughtful posts.


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