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Do you do portrait and wedding photography?
Many moons ago I was a studio portrait photographer and worked with lots of beautiful families and adorable babies. On occasion I do portraiture for close friends, but as a general rule I don't do portrait photography anymore. I have a roster of fantastically talented colleagues who do weddings and portraits. If you email me, I will happily send you their contact information.

What camera and lenses do you use?
I shoot with a Sony A77 DSLR as my main camera and a Sony A100 as my backup camera. My lens assortment is small. Generally, I use a 16-50mm lens with the A77 and a 18-70mm lens with the A100. I also have a 75-300mm that I use on either camera to get close up shots of critters that are far away. I've also got a nifty Minolta 35-70mm that fits on either Sony (like all Minolta lenses do) that gives me a great shallow depth of field when I want it. When I'm out and about without my big cameras, I shoot with my iPhone.

You called an image a "digitally painted photograph"? Is that a photograph or a drawing?
Through a lot of experimentation with Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq digital tablet, I've developed a technique that I call "digital painting". I take a photograph and add layers on top of it (think of putting pieces of tissue paper on top of a printed picture). The layers are usually photos or scans of paper, rocks and other textures I find. Then using the digital tablet the way I'd use a pencil and paper, I manipulate parts of the texture layers that sit on top of the photograph to create a final piece of art that looks more like a drawing or painting than a photograph.

I see a photograph on your blog that I LOVE... can I get a print of it?
You certainly can! All my photos can be made available in a variety of formats--print, wrapped canvas, print on acrylic (really cool), stationery and cards. If you email me and tell me which image you like, I can make it available for you as a free courtesy at my online print shop to preview in any of the above formats. You can even "try on" frames and matting. If you choose to buy what you see, the printing and framing are professionally fulfilled and shipped by Fine Art America and every purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee.

Illustration and Graphic Design

Do you do custom illustrations and graphic design jobs for people?
I do not do custom illustration work-for-hire any more (unless it's for friends, family or church). I highly recommend visiting a wonderful site called Creative Market where you find wonderful ready-to-purchase illustrations and lots of other goodies.  

Do you design event invitations?
Not anymore. I am focusing my energies on my photography at this time. 

Do you do graphic design work like business cards and stuff like that?

Usually I do not accept work-for-hire jobs unless I can meet with a client in person for a design consultation. If you know me in "real life" than I'd be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Web and Blog Design

Do you design websites or blogs?
I do not do work-for-hire any more (unless it's for friends, family or church). I highly recommend visiting a wonderful site called Creative Market where you find wonderful ready-to-purchase templates and many designers who to choose from.

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