"Sweet 100's" courtesy of Nature herself

The light from the window hits the skins of the tomatoes...
light just right to bring out their ripe vibrant red.

Just outside that same window is where they grew.

Little red miracles
planted by nature herself...
over ripe fruit dropped last fall
onto the waiting brown earth.
Winter and spring rain watered the forgotten seeds.
Morning sun coaxed the seedlings into being.

The first midsummer harvest yields much...
four whole cups.
Still more are left on the vine
to ripen a teensy bit
and ensure their juicy perfection.

The harvester is giddy.
He loves tomatoes more than candy.
To know how they came to be,
makes him all the more giddy.

As full of wonder and delight
as a six year old walking
the rows of a vegetable garden
for the first time.

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Hydrangeas in the palest shade of sky blue

Hydrangeas in the palest shade of sky blue
Leaves the richest of succulent greens
Wicker woven into the simplest of white baskets
Put together they are perfection
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I finally knew its name

Long before I knew its name
I loved it

Growing in a hedge I passed each day on my drive to work
Surrounding a cottage painted the same shade of blue

Years passed
I came to live in a cottage of my own

More years passed
I found it again as I strolled through the garden nursery

"You are 'plumbago'!"
I knew its name at last

Several came home to live with me that day
In my own cottage garden

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True eye candy

Sunlight glinting off tiny sugar crystals studding colorful candies
Takes me back to being a child
Loving the magic of a candy shoppe
So much so
I didn't want to eat any of it...

I just wanted to keep looking.

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The only time Lucy is mellow...

Just waking up from a long nap while we've been away for the evening
Lucy, for once, is mellow.
Her head fur disheveled and mussed...
Her eyes groggy as our entrance wakes her.

It's obviously been a long comfy snooze
Since she's hesitant to stir
Despite my standing over her taking photos.

Lots of stretching...
A yawn or two...
Lazy, content kitty.

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Pain, pain go away come again some other day

Notes to self:
  1. When it is excruciatingly hot and humid outside, don't try to fill up the green waste cans just because collection is the next day.
  2. When Hubby tells you it's time to come inside... listen to him.
  3. When you are staggering from heat exhaustion, don't try to do just "one more thing" even if it's just bending over to pick up your pruners.
  4. When you feel a tweak in your sciatic region, ice it immediately and don't let it get so aggravated that it goes into full spasm.
  5. When you ignore all of the above advice (because you know you will): lay down; let your back heal; don't try to go out and photograph anything; go through your archives of thousands of photos to find one to post (like the one above); re-post-process the photo on your iPad while you're still laying down... and try not to be too wistful about how you could be escaping this blistering heat someplace else cooler not too far of a drive away if you would have followed "notes to self" 1 through 4.
By the way, I shot the above photo 
while I was looking up 
from the streets of San Francisco's historic Chinatown 
on a visit a few summers ago.

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