The springtime view outside my studio window today

The view outside my studio window today

As if by magic the blossoms appear
One by one their snow-white faces open.
Chilly February nights don't deter them.
The rain doesn't dampen their tenacity.

One by one the buds open
Until one morning,
This morning,
I look out, and...
The whole plum tree is laden with popcorn.
And Mr. Hummingbird seems to have claimed it all for himself.
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Mr. Hummingbird: Monarch and king of the plum tree

Mr. Hummingbird: Monarch and King of the plum tree
Photograph taken by Brent A. Iverson
Photograph post-processed by Cindy Garber Iverson

On days when the sun is shining,
We can find him sitting atop the tip of the highest branch
On the leaf-bare plum tree.

He surveys his kingdom from the perfect vantage point
Waiting for a bug to snatch from the air
Or a rival hummingbird to chase away.
It won't be long before his daily routine is expanded
To courting with spectacular aerial maneuvers
To impress his lady of choice.

But for now, he is content to sit on his spindly throne
Letting the sun reflect off his ruby crown
Sending a periodic flash of brilliance our way.
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I know spring is near when the hardenbergia blooms

Dreaming in purple watercolors

"Dreaming in purple watercolors"

digitally painted photograph by Cindy Garber Iverson

The photo above is one I created in 2009 from a photograph I took while walking our street. The neighbor had a wonderful climbing vine that was covered in this tiny purple flowers that grew on a pergola right on the sidewalk.

After falling in love with the teeny tiny orchid-like blooms, I did some investigation and found out that the vine is called Hardenbergia violacea or "Happy Wanderer" and acquired two for my own garden. Their are going on their second spring here at Rosehaven Cottage.

Because I've been recovering from surgery for the past 2 weeks (click here to read more about that), I haven't been out walking the garden looking for blooms like I usually do in mid-February. Imagine my delighted surprise when I looked out my studio window to see swathes of purple billowing up on their fence-line trellises!

Spring is definitely near when the hardenbergia blooms.

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And the winners of the Valentine giveaway are...

Because this post also appeared on Facebook, I included commenters on Facebook as part of the pool of potential winners after the commenters on the original giveaway post for a total of 12 entrants. So the names of the five winners are:
Jen Vandervoort at Muddy Boot Dreams
Sarah Elizabeth at Queen of Kindergarten
Monica de Moss at Sharing with Positive Polly
All winners should contact me via email at cindy AT rosehavencottage DOT com to let me know the mailing address at which their package should be sent. Because I'm still in recovery my surgery, my sweet Hubby will be mailing your valentines to you as soon as I receive your mailing address.

Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway!

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