The Pacific Coast Native Iris is back and blooming

Pacific Coast Native Iris

Despite my love of iris, I'd never heard of this variety until a few years ago when I ran across it at the nursery. I got one and brought it home to Rosehaven Cottage. It lived in a pot for a couple of years but stopped blooming. So last fall I divided it and transplanted it to a raised planter at the base of the olive tree where other bearded iris live. To my delight its blooming again this year!
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As soon as I turned my back, the cat was in the dryer *sigh*

Thomasina in the dryer

This has never happened... never! In the 10 years we've had kitties here at Rosehaven Cottage, I've never had Thomasina jump into the dryer while I'm loading or unloading it. She's meowed and cried from the nearby table asking to be picked up so she can see in, but this evening when my back was turned to put a folded item in the laundry basket she nimbly and silently jumped into the dryer and immediately disappeared in the folds of the newly-dried quilt contained within said dryer. She was ready to bed down and take a nap in there! Good grief! Life around here is like herding kittens... literally!
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President Grevy (the lilac) is putting on a real show for the first time

Lovely Lilacs

President Grevy (Common Lilac Syringa vulgaris) has been a resident at Rosehaven Cottage for 10 years now. But like many common lilac breeds, Mr. President doesn't necessarily do well in our mild winters and would prefer the stress of a very cold and frosty winter in order to set buds for a spectacular springtime show. Think New Hampshire and that's what it wants. It's why the lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire.

I finally found mild-winter breeds of lilacs that love residing here, but never had the heart to give President Grevy an eviction notice despite its rather pathetic existence (it should be close to 10-14 feet tall by now).

I continued to cultivate around it and a few years ago eventually planted roses on its southwest side--a Tahitian Sunset and a Hot Cocoa. The Tahitian Sunset must have gotten settled in quite nicely because it took off last year and towered over the rest of the plants in that corner of the garden despite minimal irrigation. Because my health began to decline in August, the roses were allowed to grow and grow. The Tahitian Sunset was thrilled. And, apparently, so was President Grevy. It liked the cool shade afforded by its towering neighbor, I guess... so much so that Mr. President is putting on quite a springtime show for us.
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