Interesting Facts About Me (aka I've Been Tagged)

I've been tagged by the blogging artist Thea Burger at Shades of Life. I absolutely love her work. You have to go check out her site.

So now I get to share something interesting, weird, random, or fun about me...

First Fun Fact
I am a 4th generation San Francisco Bay Area Native with my great-grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, and I all being born in Alameda County. This is more unusual than one would expect because a great many Bay Area residents are transplants or their parents were. Along with this distinctive honor, I can also say that my Bay Area relatives lived through the 1906 earthquake. I am fortunate to have literally thousands of photos from old family albums that are candids just like the one at left [that's my great-great grandmother third from the left--she and her husband immigrated from Scotland and eventually set up residence in the Bay Area]. It is fun to still live the same area that my ancestors did because I feel a connection to them by knowing and loving the same places that they frequented and enjoyed. Pretty cool.

Next Fun Fact
I have played the piano for over 35 years now and was taught to play by my mother. My mother was taught to play by her mother. It is a musical legacy that has been passed down. I am very pleased and honored to be a part of this wonderful legacy. Music holds an important place in my life and in my home. It always has, and it always will. When I was little and learning to play, I yearned for the day that I could play with both hands. I would try to be patient and I went through the exercises in my piano book, but I would pester my mom asking her when I could play with both hands. I was tickled beyond words when I finally advanced to the point in my tutorials when I could play with both hands at the same time. It was a very big deal to me.

Final Fun Fact
I am a closet "motor head". I love engines that rumble, chrome that shines, and I love going fast in anything that moves. I am, therefore, one of those people that gawks and stares at any hot rod on the road. If my husband would let me, I'd ride a motorcycle (preferably a Harley). And I love the ride California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure because of the speed of acceleration at the beginning and the feeling like I'm flying. In my secret dreams, I'm a jetfighter pilot. So when I'm on that wonderful roller coaster I pretend like I'm "driving" it as if I were a jet fighter pilot. The other favorite attraction I have at Disney's California Adventure is Soarin' Over California. Again, it's because I can get the sensation of flying.

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  1. I love your blog. I came over here from kris at Gardens By The Lake. Family heritage and history is so important and interesting to me. Your old photo of your family is wonderful. I have tons of old photos, too. May I add you to my blogroll? You may do the same if you like my blog. Thanks!

  2. Cindy, this is really interesting post. I came across other bloggers who been tagged, and I really enjoyed reading it. Its nice because most of the time we write about others, take pictures of others and don't have a single chance to talk about ourselves. Love reading it as always. So you play piano? Even though I am not musically inclined and could not sing a single note without another instrument, I always wanted to play piano, but then my parents put me into an accordion class, which I do not regret. I only took couple years of lessons on the largest accordion in the world (because I was only ten and the accordion was for an adult). Finally, here in Canada, after I got married, I took piano lessons for about 6 years now, again not musically inclined, but I love patterns, and the fact that you can read music, play with both hands, and press the pedal with your foot all at the same, always amazes me, just like you are amazed with fighter jets and fly them in your dreams, lol. Anna :)

  3. I wish I could play the piano! I can really only do one thing at a time with my hands -- I can type, but that's one key at a time and I'm not thinking about hitting an A and an M at the same time. :)

  4. Hello Cindy,
    I loved reading about your heritage & I love old photos. I can't wait to read some more fun facts about you :)
    Have a great day!
    Maria, CQ Australia

  5. You've got a lovely blog Cindy and now I feel that I have gotten to know you a bit too via your latest post.

    We have a big kitty love in common: you have 7 indoor kitties and a stray one, I have 8 indoor kitties and a stray one that I look after. :-)

  6. I enjoyed reading the facts about you. How great to live in the same place as your ancestors! My extended family has always moved around a lot, so I don't have that connection. I always wanted to play an instrument, but I have no talent at all. My Dad was a motor head, too. He had an old Corvette that he loved to tinker with. One thing that we do have in common is flying dreams, only I do it without the jet. Grin.

  7. well baby, all our secrets are out now! :o) The world now knows we're crazy cat people who love to drive a bit too fast (without the kitties in the car, of course) and then stay home moste evenings to the sound of piano music, while the cats scatter because of the sound...(roll around on the floor in a 4 year old fit) we'd better just head out to Disneyland!

  8. LOL, on hubby's post!

    It was interesting getting to know all your secrets!

    I haven't forgotten that you tagged me, Cindy. In fact I am trying to think of some things right now. This could take a long time because, gosh, I just can't think of a weird thing about myself! hee hee

  9. Hi Cindy - this was a fun post! Did I tell you one of our sons lived in the Bay area for a few years? He went to school at USC and then took a job in Mountainview. Everyone I ever met out there was originally from somewhere else. :) What a gorgeous place to live - lucky you.

    I love fast cars too. Our local drive-in (yup, root beer in a mug and speakers to call in your order - delivered by carhops) has hot rod night every Thursday night in the summer - so fun to see all the cars that show up. I have my motorcycle endorsement on my license - had a nice bike, but now pretty much just ride with Mark. To celebrate our 40th birthdays, we bought a Vette - way fun!!

    (I liked your hubby's post too - cute!)


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