How many of us look at the backside of a flower?

I asked myself that question yesterday as I was photographing flowers in the garden at Rosehaven Cottage. The late afternoon light was perfect for photographing. Flowers love the sun. They face the sun. Flower petals also look deceivingly opague when in fact they are quite translucent. The only way for me to photograph the translucency of the petals was from the backside of the flowers as they stretched upward to the blue September sky.


It got me thinking (careful, you may smell smoke)...

From my perspective in this world, September represents golds, oranges, russet reds, and bronzes that shimmer in the sun. However, many of my blogging friends are in the southern hemisphere in this world. For them, September represents new life and a respite from colder months. It is a new dawn in the garden with pastels bursting forth through the dark soil.


How much more in our lives is only relative to our perspective in this world?

How much more would we glean from our lives if we thought to consciously change our vantage point just a bit?

Would seemingly opague areas of our lives suddenly come alive with inspiring light being shed upon them, exposing their translucency?

Would we discover beauty that was there all along but we just failed to see until we changed our vantage point?

Would we see the blue skies that span over our lives creating a wonderful horizon of possibilities and at the same time providing an umbrella of security?

I'm realizing more and more that it's all in our perspective.
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  1. Beautiful post, Cindy! And I love the pictures of your cosmos and cardinal climber vine!

  2. That is a beautiful photo! I am going to start looking at things from a different perspective, I think. I will start with lizards.

  3. Very cool! It is important to think out of the box, in all situations :)

  4. Well said. And that pink against the blue is oh-so BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Beautiful - love the colors!

  6. A thoughtful and thought-provoking post.

    I took tulip photos last spring with the sun shining through the petals, much like your first photo. It's cool.

  7. You are onto something here, Cindy! Thanks for posting you lovely pictures and your inspiring thoughts!

  8. Cindly, I guess not many of us do, what a great idea, very nice photos. Anna :)


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