Autumnal Color Palette

The weather has gotten cooler here at Rosehaven Cottage and has been reminding us of autumn that will "officially" begin here in the next little while. In honor of that, I'm posting a collection of photos that, to me, make up an autumnal color palette. Some may not be autumn flowers or photos but they say "autumn" to me.

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  1. Cindy! YOU are an amazing photographer! I've really enjoyed browsing through your blog! It's wonderful!!!!!! It's very inspiring!

  2. Thanks Cindy for your comments. I love these photos. It's so weird, were looking foreword to spring and Autumn is on your doorstep.Love catching up with those cats too. I must remember to post photos of mine . Enjoy your weekend. Thea

  3. Wonderful photos. I am a bit homesick for the bay area. 'love the drying flowers - but the cat photos are special as we are serious cat lovers with 12! All indoor- the cat litter industry loves me. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. Stephanie

  4. Great photos! I especially like the last one. :)
    Fall is certainly in the air here today - chance of frost tonight. But I'd guess we'll still have some lovely days yet before winter, so lots of time to work in the gardens still.

  5. Thanks for visiting my new blog, and for your kind words. You have such wonderfu photos here. I especially loved seeing all your cats, as I am a serious cat lover!
    Have a reat weekend!
    Mary at Little Red House

  6. thanks for visiting my blog - I love your photos!!!! Green apples always remind me of fall, too!!! I look forward to seeing more on your blog!!!

  7. Wonderful pics Cindy, such a lovely collage of Autumn! Love those bunches of dried flowers, very pretty. And what a fun pic of the talking kittycat. ;-)

  8. Compliments are always nice, but when you get one about photography from someone who takes pictures like you, it is an extra special one.
    My 5 year old son is sitting next to me telling me to put a comment that says "I love your blog - It is nice". He too loves your photographs.

  9. Love the pic of the drying flowers - definitely reminds me of autumn too!

  10. Such great pictures!! The one of the apples and the shop are so fun. Your kitties are adorable, and the outdoor pictures are really, really pretty - well done!


  11. Ahhhh seasons of mellow mists and fruitfullness.....

  12. Wow, really beautiful photos! I especially love the drying bouquets! Excellent.

  13. I like that excellent photograph of Dee Dee. Inscrutable cat... try to guess what he's pondering.

  14. Simba says, "Thanks for featuring me in your blog... since I AM an autumn color!"


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