Around the Garden at Dusk

Top left: The lights of Rosehaven Cottage at dusk
Top right: Tom Tom lounging on the flagstones during his evening walk through the garden
Bottom: Multi-headed fancy sunflower in the evening
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  1. I love your photograph, makes my mood so well and relax~!

  2. Hi Cindy, sorry for calling you Rose on my blog, I'll fix it. Your photos are lovely and those cats... I have 3 of my own. Post some photos of them someday.Thea ( like those pomegranates on another post too.)

  3. Tom Tom is a very handsome boy!

  4. Tom Tom looks so relaxed! Lovely pictures. I just read your post about Christine Northrup and her theory about positive chemical reactions inside your body. Very interesting! I'm going to give that a try.


  5. Hi,
    This place is truly remarkable, I'm very much impressed!

  6. Gorgeous Tom-Tom follows you around just like our own black cat Nicky follows my wife. Devoted cat... and he's very protective of her.

    Pat loves the photo of Tom-Tom, too...

    Kelly Cat's favorite human


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