Bloom-a-day 6: Hot pink alstroemeria

Like an artist's paint palette exploded, the garden is alive with color everywhere I look.
I've decided to feature a bloom a day until this beautiful show comes to a close.

In a pot on the deck, between the barbecue grill and the hot tub, is a large pot with a the pole of a large sun umbrella stuck deep in the soil. The umbrella provides shelter from the rain and the sun when I'm getting my hydrotherapy.

Growing around the umbrella pole is a healthy crop of hot pink alstroemeria that I thought was going to be an annual when I planted it.

That was 3 years ago.

It even grows and blooms in the winter when I think it's too chilly for anything this tropical looking to grow. I think being up against the side of the hot tub helps.

So this bright sassy little flower has become a permanent resident here... much to my surprise.

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  1. Spectacular. Your garden is amazing. To add more color to my farm-ette, all I need to do is click my way through your blog for ideas. All your photos are so beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh is that stunning...

    Such a beautiful shade of pink...sigh.

    And you are such a pink girl anyways, you must love it.



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