Bloom-a-day 5: Ronald Reagan rose

Like an artist's paint palette exploded, the garden is alive with color everywhere I look.
I've decided to feature a bloom a day until this beautiful show comes to a close.

When choosing rosebushes to become permanent residents in the garden, I tend to steer away from red roses simply because they're not unusual enough. However, when I came upon the "Ronald Reagan" as a bare-root with a full-color photo on the bag label,  I fell in love with the unique coloring of the petals--how they are light (almost white) at the base and then deepen to a bright red on the edges. When I saw that description of the foliage was "dark, leathery and glossy" (translation: more disease resistant) I was sold. I've never regretted buying this beauty. This year it's putting on the best show ever since it came to live here.

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  1. Like you, it takes a very special red rose to make it into the permanent collection in my garden. (Now that I think of it, my reds are almost all China roses.) Anyway, this photo of RR is totally to die for!

  2. That is one beautiful red rose! For red roses, my favorite and most dependable is "Trumpeter". It has vibrant blooms nearly all year and is disease free. It seems to be happy most anywhere.


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