The former "Danger Room" that is now the "Tiki Room"

To see photos of what the "Danger Room" looked like when we first bought our house click here.

Because the "Danger Room" was such a horribly ugly room when we first bought our house, it seemed fitting to transform it into a room that was fun and playful instead of a dark dungeon. Early on in the renovation process, I decided that since one whole wall of the room was the sliding glass door that exited out to our back garden, it should be decorated like a sun room or conservatory. The idea eventually grew into a post-WW-II-Hawaii themed look. As the room transformed, the name of "Danger Room" also needed to transform. Being huge Disneyland fans, Hubby and I ended up calling it the "Tiki Room".

Yesterday, I finally had the wherewithal to tackle sanding and resealing the floor in the Tiki Room. Although we installed oak floors years ago, they had been pretty beaten up with construction traffic over the years. So it was time for a spruce up.

I got a quick drying finish at Ace Hardware that dries to the touch in an hour (sometimes less). With a small hand-sander and this quick-drying stuff, I did the floor in patches so I could move the furniture around as I went. At around 7 pm last night, I finished the last patch (much to Hubby's amazement). Now I just have to do the same thing to the stair treads.

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  1. That wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous...what a lovely room!

  2. Wow-de-wowzer, Cindy! This looks awesome. I can see the deck through the window in one of the photos. I'm impressed with the lovely shine on your floor. You will have to tell me what you got. My floors need to be redone.
    Love you,

  3. LOVE this room!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! It is so bright and airy and beautiful! What a difference... wow.

    GREAT job. I love how you people have the skill to make a room go from "dangerous" to gorgeous! very envious am I!

    Well done!

  4. This is fantastic...I don't think I would have had the drive and determination to go from what it once was to this...unless perhaps I had to live with it!! LOL

  5. Beautiful room - I just love the floor!!! I am in serious need to either replace the floors in my house or refinish - you make it sound so simple & look so nice afterwards!

  6. You've really created a lovely home. I'm impressed that you've done so much of it yourselves. The wainscoting is great and I like the little touches like the chair in the corner with the straw hat & bright pillows, and of course, the cat scratching post. No house should be without one of those!

  7. That is neat!! LOVE the light fixture, very whimsical!


  8. Normally I'd think that wallpaper was completely outta control...but with the streaming sunshine and the soothing colors (esp. the wainscoting...if that's what you call it!) really soften it and makes it the focal a hot pair of shoes with a little black dress!!! :)

  9. The Tiki room is beautiful Cindy! Wish I had your energy!

  10. Tiki room, I love it. The wallpaper is fun and amazing. Love the pineaple lamp, it's so says Hawaii!

    Your hubby is not the only one who's amazed; a finish that dries in an hour or less? What's it called coz I gotto have that stuff too as my oak flooring needs sanding and a finish too. Is it hardwearing?


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