Harvest Moon

"Harvest Moon" Crescent Arrangement

Last week, my floral design classes started up again after a 2 month break for the summer. I was glad to get back into the swing of things. As my instructor and I reviewed what I had and didn't have in my beginner's certification portfolio (I had 24 arrangements and I need 30), it became obvious that two key arrangement types had been left out of our instructional packets--the "Crescent" and the "Hogarth Curve". And since vase and basket arrangements are the bulk of the demand at a florist, my instructor indicated I should do two more of each of those two.

So when I went to buy flowers for today's class, I had my mind set on doing a vase arrangement with a mixed bouquet of whatever looked good. But then when I got to the grocery store, they had these cool looking branches called "pumpkin tree" with little baby "pumpkins" dangling from them (I think they're a variety of pepper). That got my imagination churning and before I knew it I had come up with the idea of using a carved out pumpkin for the container instead of a vase.

Once I got to class, I asked my instructor what arrangement she would like to see me create to round out my portfolio. She suggested that I challenge myself and do a "Crescent" or "Hogarth Curve" with the pumpkin as the base. Well, I knew I had to do a crescent shape with all the autumnal flowers. It would look like a "harvest moon"! So that's what I did and I'm so glad I did--even though it did take me over 3 hours to complete it.
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  1. Cindy, what an amazing presentation of a gorgeous product. Very professional, colorful, and simply stunning. You must really be enjoying yourself. Flowers, photography, and creativity.


  2. Yes, that's the way to do it. Work with what you have and be inspired by it. That way you often create your best work.

    It's lovely that harvest moon of yours. Well done, Cindy!

  3. That is fantastic..you are very talented!!

  4. That's awesome! I can almost taste the crispy autumnness in the air...aren't pumpkins wonderfully fallish?! Makes me wanna curl up under a toasty blankie or take a walk to see to leaves.

  5. That is soooooo pretty!!! Perfect for this time of year.

    So glad you let us see it.

  6. Wonderful job, Cindy. It looks great! Very festive and beautiful.

    And I like your new website!

  7. It's a wonderful arrangement, and hearing the backstory is fascinating. Great use for those pumpkin trees.

  8. Beautiful photos and lovely blog to find. I'm a painter and I've just started my own blog. It's all very complicated at the moment but I'll get there and I'll be back here for inspiration.


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