A year with Lucy

December 13th marks the one year anniversary of when little Lucy Maud came into our lives. The past few days, I've been reflecting on the journey that we've taken with her over this past year. And since many of you shared the journey with us here from Day One, I thought it was only appropriate to do a "retrospective" here on the blog--complete with links to the original posts.

Speaking of Day One...

Little Lucy Maud (know as "Skate" at the time--short for Stray Cat 8) was found freezing and sick in the middle of the street by one of my seminary students at 6:15 AM. It had been the coldest night of the year with temps dipping below freezing. Little Lucy almost didn't make it. Thankfully, she was rescued by a "knight in shining armor" (actually I believe he was riding in a Volkswagen van) just in the nick of time, and I sped her off to the vet. The above photo is what she looked like the first evening.

Day 1
(Dec. 15, 2007)

(Dec. 18, 2007)

Look at that cute spotty tummy! Envisioning that cute spotty tummy has gotten me through some pretty stressful health experiences this past year.

Day 9
(Dec. 22, 2007)
Day 15
("Skate" becomes Lucy Maud)

Even at Day 50 she could still squeeze into her little heated bed
(Feb. 22, 2008)

There were many firsts for Lucy, like:
And then there is Lucy's ongoing fascination with all things electronic, including her quest to get "The Thing" (my Auntie was privileged to witness a replay of this when she was here):

Lucy is a highly intelligent (and therefore mischievous) little cat that remains petite in frame and big in personality. As with the other cats in the household, we finally came up with a "theme song" for her. I will close this post with the lyrics to her song and a montage of images showing the quintessential Lucy:

Lucy Maud Theme
(sung to modified tune of Casper the Friendly Ghost--lilting like a 50s TV commercial)

Lucy Maud...
Is the silliest cat we know...

With her curved "play tail"...
And her spotty fur...

And the longest toes that you've seen...

Lucy Maud...
Here comes Lucy Maud...


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  1. AWWW. That was the feel good post of the day I needed..thanks!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, miss Lucy!

  3. Don't tell my Bear, but Lucy Maud is the cutest little dickens...those are great photos, too. How could you NOT take her home with you. I can definitely see the little imp in her though.

    Happy Anniversary, Lucy Maud. You are one lucky kitty to be living with at Rosehaven Cottage!

  4. Cindy, I enjoyed this reflective look at Lucy's past year at Rosehaven Cottage. She is a fun little cat. I'm glad that she has brought so much joy to your life (and let's not forget the entertainment factor... love the DVD attack!!)
    Love you,

  5. Happy Birthday, Lucy! I remember your first appearance on this blog. I'm so pleased you're doing so well!

  6. Happy Birthday, Lucy! I remember your first appearance on this blog. I'm so pleased you're doing so well!

  7. She looks so sweet...and what a great name (LM Montgomery is one of my very favourite authors!).


  8. You are such a lucky mommy to have sweet Miss Lucy! Great pics!

  9. Lucy Maud is a delight. She was such a little thing when she came to live with you and now she is a lovely young lady. ~S,S & C

  10. The little kitten had so much trouble at the beginning of her life, but now she's a grownup lady cat with lots of unconditional love. Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy Maud, and may you and your humans have many happy years together!

  11. Well done Cindy for rescuing her. It looks like she has repaid your kindness many times over.

    Thank you once again for your kindness to me. i will be putting a little something in the post on Monday to you now I have your address from the envelope. :-)

    best Wishes,

  12. She is absolutely gorgeous. Do you think that she has some bengal in her, the spotted tummy, the sleek and slim body?

    Cindy, if there is a guardian angel for cats, this lucky little one sure has been fortunate to end up with you. She could not ask for a better family to live with.


  13. I love a happy ending.....and that is one happy pussy cat......
    My last three dogs have been rescue dogs who have suffered at the hands of humans......they have always been so grateful.....and I love them just that bit more because I know what they have been through......
    May you have many years ahead with Lucy Maud.....she is one very lucky cat and you are a lovely person.......

  14. What can I say? I love Lucy. Didn't they make a show with that name? ;-)

    I remember it all vividly and am so glad that little Lucy has found such a good and loving home with you all. She has been truly blessed this little furry angel.


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