The Gift

The Gift (still life)
The Gift (still life) by Cindy Iverson (me)
Texture from playingwithbrushes.

Each day I have such a multi-faceted, odd, and eclectic daily "to do" list. Yesterday, I was post-processing photographs and making rose photographs into "vintage" illustrations. Today, I was out in the back garden with a circular saw cutting up the remains of the lumber that used to be the shed.

I used to think that I was the weirdest woman in the world and that no one could possibly "get me" except my nutty family and my adorable Hubby. That was before I discovered the world of blogging. The "blogosphere" has provided me with an invaluable gift--the gift of feeling a sense of belonging. I've found woman after woman that "get me". Women that love their gardens and kitties as much as I do. Women that like to be girlie sometimes, but can also swing a sledgehammer or axe with the best of them.

Following the example of Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams
(a photographer whose work I really admire), I ventured into a new uncharted territory last month--the land of Flickr. I'm so glad I did! I have found so much creative inspiration that ideas are flowing out of me often faster than I can execute them. And I not only have gained inspiration from countless creative individuals on Flickr, the forum also provides me a place where I can share my work with peers that can give me some really important creative feedback. It kinda feels like I'm in art school again. All those feelings of endless creative horizons that I used to have so long ago have come back. It's truly wonderful.

I know that there are many evils being perpetuated with the modern technology of the internet and its related technologies, but I can't help but see this technology as an amazing gift and choice blessing. It adds a richness and dimension to my life that otherwise wouldn't be there. And most of all, I have a feeling that I belong to wide and wonderful communities that understand my passions and accept my eclectic "weirdness". That feeling of belonging is the greatest gift. It's something I've searched for my whole life. And, thankfully, I've been blessed to find it.
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  1. In a way I think we all feel the same! A sense of belonging... Maybe as brothers and sisters of the same Heavenly Father with out the judging we perhaps imagine might be going on in someone's else's mind... I have wondered about this myself. Why do you think we feel we belong here maybe even more than say in a group of women we worship and play with? Just a thought... I perhaps am hiding out here so I don't have to worry about this weekend:-)
    Whatever it is a wonderful place to getlost in for a few minutes! I LOVE your gifts you share with us, Cindy!

  2. My dream would be to have all of my favorite bloggers (and you are on that list!) all live in the same community. Instead of typing, we could be talking...showing our creations, helping each other tear down sheds....wouldn't that be grand?

  3. So, Cindy, where can I buy a copy of that picture? It is perfect for my Christmas decor which is vintage and pink. I want to hang it on my wall.

  4. Cindy, I know what you mean about sharing and finding affirmation within the blogging community. I feel the same way, even when it's hard to keep up with it!

    I'm happy for you that you are enjoying Flickr, as well and I agree that the web offers us so many new possibilities for sharing and fulfilling our creative needs while affirming the needs of others. Whew, that was a long sentence, sorry!

    I'm so glad you're happy, is the bottom line. And now a new printer...the sky's the limit, Lady!

  5. I agree with you Cindy. Within the world of blogging, we have a huge community of 'friends' and encouragers. I have found that by finding ONE blog I liked and linking from it to others, I found people like me all over the world. If I didn't 'click' with the blog, it was no big deal, I just read another one. And in this way I found so many 'kindred spirits'. We're individuals and in some ways very different but the 'band' of people I've found in blogland have similar values to me and inspire me to better creativity. And I hope better living.

  6. I'm so happy that you're happy.

    Thank you so much for sharing the technological secrets of your printing methods with me. They're WAY beyond me, right now. I'm a baby-step kind of person.

  7. This is such a beautiful composition! You should use if for your Christmas cards [unless you are like me and have sworn off cards ;)]
    Love you

  8. I'm glad you have found a place in the world. I had that square peg feeling growing up. Your work is really beautiful Cindy. I hope you get lots of sales as your work really deserves a big audience.

  9. Of course you "belong" You are a very special talented woman and bloggersville is lucky to have you. BTW, I believe that I am the weirdest woman in the world.

  10. I know just how you feel, because for the most part, the blogosphere is an interesting and creative place filled with kind people and fun cats and dogs!

  11. You are seriously the most amazing person ever! I love reading your blog, and having the opportunity to admire your unbelievable list of talents!! You are awesome girl!!!

  12. Oh yes Cindy, I think I could have written this post :) so much of it is true of my own life. That sense of belonging and finding other people with similar interests, who understand and value the same things, is priceless.

  13. It´s so true!! A sense of belonging...

    I have something for you at Annalunda! And don´t miss the cat-thing!!! :)

    Love Annie

  14. Oh how lovely lovely! I could say here for hours just looking at your beautiful vintage illustration--a delight for the eyes and the soul... thank you!


  15. I haven't been on Flickr yet. I'm afraid of another online addiction! I might have to go check it out though- you made it sound REALLY tempting!

  16. Cindy:
    What a beautiful picture, and the sentiments expressed are beautiful as well. I am so glad you have found a place of belonging.

  17. What a beautiful picture. And a beautiful sentiment to go along with it about belonging.

  18. Cindy, I've never been one to wait for my hubby to do things. My sister is the same way. We just do what needs to be done. I've learned to use saws, sanders, etc. I'm not good with a chain saw though. Almost cut my leg with that one. Flickr is great!

  19. Hia (again) Cindy, I have a little something on my blog for you.

  20. Cindy, I am so glad that we as a blogging community have a chance to "get you", this is a wonderful benefit for us. Your multi-facetted talent, enthusiasm, and creativity is amazing. I am always looking forward to seeing what you have created. Keep it up.


  21. Hi Cindy, I just had to leave you a comment about this beautiful photo on this post. It's amazing. I have no idea how you do these creative things, but it's fun to visit and see them:) 'The Gift' would be perfect for my blog header: ThanksFor2Day (because 'the present' is a gift). But of course, I am not the only one to think along those lines:) Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi. Have a Merry Christmas. Jan


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