Thoughts on crossing the threshold into the world of bifocals

About 6 months ago I noticed that my glasses were "off" and I wasn't seeing things as clearly as I used to. At first I thought it was just caused by scratches on the poor lenses that have taken a beating over the years. Then I realized that more and more I was having to take my glasses off to see things I wanted to read up close. Hubby (who has needed bifocals for a couple of years now) would tease me about the fact that my eyes were catching up to his and I probably needed bifocals. I'm usually more practical than vain, so the thought of needing bifocals didn't bug me so much. But I wasn't doing the typical arm's-length-stretch to read things like I see most people do when they need bifocals.

We had to wait for some switchovers in our healthcare plan before we could go see an eye doctor. As soon as the new healthcare coverage kicked in at the first of the year, we made appointments.

It turned out that my puzzlement was warranted. The eye doctor told me that although my distance vision needed more correction than before and I needed some magnification for reading, my mid-range vision didn't need any correction at all. That's why I was having to take my glasses off when I was working on the computer or reading my iPad or iPhone. Aha!

Hubby and I went off on a quest to find frames for each of us. We both like quirky looking frames. I wanted some that looked "a-dork-able". He wanted some that looked completely vintage. We both found frames that we loved and ordered them with our new prescriptions for bifocals.

I just got my new glasses yesterday. The bifocals will take some getting used to. Hopefully, I adapt to them sooner rather than later.

I guess I'm officially middle-aged now that I'm wearing bifocals. I don't know how I really feel about it.

Does anyone else have thoughts on when you first had to admit your eyes were getting older?

Just in case anyone wanted to see what they look like on me

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  1. Gosh, I've worn them for years. They don't have a line anymore. I just want to... SEE!

  2. Cutie McCute! I just got my eyes checked about a week ago. The Frenchman waited until our 2nd year of marriage to tell me he HATES my glasses. *lol* I needed to get my eyes checked again anyway, so I selected a completely different style. The optomotrist recommended progressive lenses but I opted for single focus lenses. I don't wear my glasses all the time, mostly for driving, watching movies and occasionally for other distance purposes. If I'm wearing them and need to see something close up, I just take them off. The price of progressives was exorbinant!!! Another reason I opted out.

  3. The concept that my little niece needs bifocals is just a ludicrous as the fact that little Joanie is 60! When did this all happen? That's what I want to know.

    I was about your age when I needed to start with bifocals and I didn't like it a bit as they made me motion sick. I did the *old granny chain glasses thing* for a while but finally got too old to pull it off!!! Now I just have readers in every room in the house, my purse, and glove box!

    Welcome to middle age! Eyesight aside... I've loved middle age! The last decade of my life has been the best since my very first decade.

    Hugs and love

  4. I've worn glasses since grade 3...and should have had them sooner.

    Progressives and I met up a few years ago, and what a treat. No lines, no blurry closeups, or further away.

    I can sew again, and read, and see to them.


  5. Perfect, I love them! I had to get reading glasses for the first time in my mid-forties. My eyes just weren't focusing properly between distance and close-up. Eye doc says, "join the club!". He's not as funny as he thinks he is. Anyway, now I'm very close to turning 53 and I wear progressives. I. LOVE. THEM. :)
    They have clear glass up top because I still have 20/20 for distance. Mid-range for computer and such viewing in the center, and 175 on the bottom for close-up and reading. At first, I hated them. Made me dizzy and a little seasick. I prevailed and now I can't live without them. So a long, drawn out answer to your simple question...mid-forties. :)
    And yes - I've always talked too much. My daddy would confirm this. And maybe everybody else that knows me. You look a-dork-able dahling!!! Remember...growing older is a blessing than many don't get. Wallow in your ripening my dear!
    p.s. I haven't forgotten your nuts...just been a little busy. It will be a nice little surprise when they arrive. Happy New Year Cindy!!

  6. I completely relate to this! I'm still putting it off though, so have my glasses on a string around my neck (granny chain glasses thing?)and ping-pong between putting them on and off all day ... how lovely and middle-aged is that?! LOL.

    Love your glasses, they look great.

  7. I've been wearing glasses since about third grade -- all at once, my eyes went from easily passing the yearly school test to needing glasses really bad. I went to progressives with the last new pair. Took some getting used to, for a while it felt like I was walking in the bottom of a bowl, but now I like them.

  8. I had to get a new prescription last year. I opted for reading glasses instead of bifocals. I now have to take off my glasses when I read or do close up work and if I'm wearing my contacts, I wear reading glasses for reading or sewing. I felt middle aged yesterday as I sewed a button on The Doctor's shirt and needed my reading glasses to thread the needle.


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