Making the most out of trimming up the garden

I was having to give a corner of the garden a "haircut" the other day in order to make the path passable. Under the huge (and I mean HUGE) buddleia bush, grow a bunch of plants that prefer less intense sun. They had all grown rather unruly  and needed shaping up. So the hydrangea, a fern and the David Austen "Abraham Darby" rose got trimmed up.

One reason I hate doing a mid-summer trim is that I often have to cut off blooms in their prime. That's what happened with the "Abraham Darby". There was a perfect rose blooming on a long branch encroaching in a not-so-subtle way onto the well-traveled garden path that sweeps in front of it. It had to come off. I felt so bad. Until I had an idea... I decided to bring the single bloom inside instead of throw it in with the rest of the green waste, and I would use it for a photo shoot.

Usually I can't bring cut flowers inside because I have a flower-eating-ginger-tabby that won't leave them alone unless the flowers are perched on the fireplace mantle. I put the "Abraham Darby" in a small bud vase on the mantle until I had the right natural light in my studio.

A couple of days later when the light was right and the flower-eating-ginger-tabby was napping, "Abraham Darby" and I had a photo shoot. And "Abraham Darby" was the perfect model.

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  1. Lovely! My cat, Bear used to love to smell cut flowers, but so far, no one has nibbled any of them.

  2. Bootsie is definitely more interested in bugs, or cat food then flowers. Although I can't keep him out of all of my ornamental grasses in the garden.

    Very clever of you to recycle that rose, and such a color...that's one of your favorite shades of pink isn't it?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Abraham Darby is such a lovely rose ... one of my very favorite Austins.

    Cats are why I don't keep houseplants anymore. The plants ended up on the floor, or chewed to bits, and it wasn't worth the effort needed to keep them intact or looking nice. Besides, I love my cats a WHOLE lot more than I do my plants.

  4. Wow! Cindy, that photograph is amazing! You had a beautiful model in the Abraham Darby. It is such a beautiful flower, but it's the photographer who made it even more lovely. Great job!


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