The autumnal red of leaves turning

Liquid amber red

What is it about the autumnal red of leaves turning?

Hubby and I were driving to the nursery to look at pots yesterday. We rounded a bend in the road to see a stand of trees with the topmost leaves brilliant and bright red. It made us both gasp in a bit. My finger pointed reflexively at them, and I could feel that Hubby had unconsciously lifted his foot off the accelerator to slow just a bit as we drove by.

Why does the red of autumnal leaves make us do that... make us act like little children again?
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  1. These almost look like poinsettias!

  2. Trees that are in full autumn colour and are backlit by the sun always take my breath away. Such incredible beauty.

  3. You both do what we often do as well. You would think we had never seen an autumn before, but I don't mind...I want to soak it all in...


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