Life's springtimes

Life's springtimes

I've found that my life is very cyclical, just like the seasons. Whenever I have new opportunities for growth and change, I often think of that time in my life as a "springtime"--a time of new beginnings full of blossoming hopes and dreams.

I've learned a lot of lessons from my garden over the past 9 years. One lesson I've learned is that nature changes constantly with that change sometimes being good and sometimes being bad. However, sometimes the changes are neither good nor bad. Instead, they are simply just changes. Here's an example... the blossoms on the plum tree are always in a slightly different place on the tree's branches than they were the last spring or the spring before that. The blossoms look the same and the effect of their beauty is the same, but still there are changes from what existed in prior years. The change is neither good nor bad. It is simply change.

I'm learning to embrace those kinds of changes in my life and realize that they happen all the time. I'm also learning that very often my goals and life plans will change and that's okay too.

For example, I have planned for the past 6 months to start graduate school in June. It has been a goal that has helped me reach beyond my comfort zone in other areas of my creative life, opening doors that I am so excited to see opened. Yet, that goal of attending graduate school is changing now. I won't be moving forward with it for a number of reasons. But instead of being embarrassed by my change of goals, I'm learning to embrace the change and know that the goal served its purpose even though that goal's purpose turned out to be very different than what I thought its purpose was 6 months ago.

Instead of beating myself up because of a perceived "failure", this time I am going to move forward--still experiencing one of life's "springtimes" as I venture toward the new and exciting creative horizons that I see before me.
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  1. Cindy, that is so beautifully said and inspirational. Thank you for sharing the hope and love that you see in all your creations.

  2. Well said, Cindy. Hope that whatever your new springtime brings you, that you will embrace it and go for it. Lovely plum blossoms.

  3. hey Sweetie, it's ok to change goals. Things change, life changes. It was so good to see you again... love you so much.

  4. know my love of spring. Even welcome changes, like spring, can come as a shock though. Take things as they come and you will do fine, pookey. I have never known you not to succeed at things (even when you thought you were failing). Sometimes the perspective just needs to shift a bit and ta-da! there it is, the silver lining. Like the fact that I totally gained 5 pounds last week and HEY! my pants still fit, so no big deal. Just pull myself up and work hard and it all works out :)

  5. Oh how I love spring! And whatever change it is, I'm sure you will tackle it beautifully. Never actually seen you completely fail at anything....just renegociate things and take another run at it. Sometimes we just get pushed in another direction for whatever reason, but it seems to work out, because you are doing what you need to be doing :)

  6. Gaining the ability to discern those nuances of change is huge, Cindy. Everything we encounter on our journey through life is neither good, nor bad, it just is. It's the significance we assign them that colours them one way or another.

    Graduate school will still be there for you, if you decide you want to go another time.

    My life seems filled to overflowing with these changes of heart. I used to feel that it meant I was a flake. Now, I just embrace that particular tendency as a part of my unique personality. *shrug*

  7. Seasons change, we grow, it's ok to change our minds as life changes. Good luck in all that you choose to do!


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