Lavender blue, dilly, dilly

On my 3rd birthday, I received a portable record player. It was my favorite possession for many years. I had my own little collection of records which included two of the special Walt Disney promo LP's that you could only buy at Gulf Oil stations when you gassed up your vehicle. I played those records over and over and had them memorized. One of my favorite songs was "Lavender Blue" by Burl Ives. Here are the words I know oh-so-well:
Lavender blue, dilly, dilly
Lavender green
If I were king, dilly, dilly
I'd need a queen

Who told me so? Dilly, dilly
Who told me so?
I told myself, dilly, dilly
I told me so

If your dilly, dilly heart
Feels a dilly, dilly way
And if you'll answer, "Yes"
In a pretty little church
On a dilly, dilly day
You'll be wed in a dilly, dilly dress of

Lavender blue, dilly, dilly
Lavender green
Then I'll be king, dilly dilly
And you'll be my queen
I never quite understood how there could be a "lavender blue" and a "lavender green" because my only experience with "lavender" up to that point was the lavender colored crayon in my crayon box that was a similar shade to the mum below.

It would be decades before I was privileged to see lavender growing naturally and to see it through the eyes of the lyricist and understand why there is a "lavender blue" and a "lavender green".

This past week, Hubby and I have been away. We drove a total of over 1600 miles across some of the vast open spaces of the Western United States. And we enjoyed the blessings of seeing family as well as having a much-needed respite from the cares of everyday life.

When I was younger, my family drove through that same open country a number of times. It often seemed so desolate and boring except for one time when we were driving under the light of a full moon. I was awake while everyone else in the car was asleep except for my mother who was behind the wheel. In the light of the full moon, the terrain looked so different. I was mesmerized by the beautiful landscape and can still see it in my memory today.

As Hubby and I drove over the expanses this past week, I found myself seeing the terrain through new eyes. I saw the "lavender green" of the sage as it grew on the hills that reached up to touch the "lavender blue" of the sky. It was very striking... and beautiful. Interestingly, even though I had packed all my photographic equipment, I never broke it out once during the whole trip. I felt like a kid again just absorbing everything I saw and appreciating each moment for what it could give.

There is a purity in experiencing the world like that. It's cleansing and rejuvenating. It draws my mind to the things that matter most--my Creator and my family. And that is why He created all these things, so that we would have beautiful reminders of Him who is our first family. My heart is full and my gratitude is overflowing. As I step back into everyday life, I feel a bit "homesick" yet I am hopeful that the things I've experienced this past week will keep me buoyed up and strong, while also giving me the direction and purpose I've craved for the past few months.

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  1. Cindy, my sweet, what a beautiful post. It was so good to have you here. And I am glad that you rediscovered the beauty of I-80. I'm glad that we chatted about it while you were here. I'm seriously considering going that way in 2 weeks when I go to Fresno...
    Love you lots.

  2. Lovely cousin! I have certainly seen that lavender blue and green just as you described them. They remind me of pastels...those fabulous smeary chalks that get all over your hands, but look so soft and beautiful.

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome trip out west. My husband & I live on the east coast, but we often drive out west to visit family. The ruggedness, the mountains, the wide open spaces, it all takes my breathe away every time. How could anyone not undrestand God's majesty when seeing such rugged beauty. Thanks for bringing back my memories!

  4. Hi Cindy,

    Sounds like you had a great time on your trip! What a great story!

    After living at our old house and only having four stone walls and a concrete floor to look out on, we certainly appreciate the better things in life; nature. We often sit in the living room with the TV off and we sit looking out of the window at our beautiful garden (that Mum has done a fantastic job on) and we watch the birds coming to the feeder, the squirrels picking up any seeds or peanuts that the birds have dropped on the floor, the insects fluttering and buzzing around the plants and we admire the beauty of the plants and flowers. We have lavender near to the pond and I love to gently rub my fingers on it and it smells lovely. The bees love it too.

    I remember when we used to drive up to my grandparents houses and by the time we were coming back, it was really late. There was a stretch of road that had no lighting on it and I loved it because I would look up and be able to see the moon, stars, and sometimes storms that were miles away. Your story reminded me of those trips.

    Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  5. What a lovely post...and that mum is just gorgeous! Kim


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