Wednesday's Free Desktop: Sunflower Against Blue Fescue

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I plant a lot of sunflower seeds every year in the spring. And the birds plant the rest.

You see, I put sunflower seeds into the bird feeders February through April when the birds are all building nests and raising their first broods. Because our climate is mild we get early nesters. There aren't any seeds left to forage, and it's still too cool for the insects to be out that the birds would otherwise dine on. So this is the time when I fill the feeders that remain empty the rest of the year.

For some reason, all the birds (finches, chickadees, doves, you name it) like black sunflower seeds the best. Since the seeds are still in the shell, the fallen and forgotten ones easily find nooks and crannies where the spring rains make them sprout and take root. So I'm always pleasantly surprised to see what volunteers I'll get in addition to the varieties I meant to plant. The sunflower above is one of this year's volunteers courtesy of the birds.

Here's how to download this photo to use as a desktop:
  • Click on the image above to bring up the full-size image.
  • Once the full-size image is up on your screen, right-click anywhere on the image.
  • Select "Save image as..." from the pop-up menu that will appear.
  • Save the image wherever you want on your computer with whatever name you wish.
  • If you're on a PC, right click on your current desktop and choose "Properties". Click on the "Desktop" tab. Then click on "Browse" to find the file you just saved on your computer. Select it and you're done.
  • If you're on a Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Desktop & Screen Saver. Open the Desktop pane of Desktop & Screen Saver preferences. Click Desktop. Choose a folder from the list on the left; then click the image you just downloaded.
  • Voile! You've got a new desktop!
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  1. I love sunflowers. The one in your picture looks delicate and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty. Those birds are excellent gardeners and it may just be their way of saying thank you for the generosity you extend to them.

  3. The black sunflower seeds produce the sweetest flowers -- I always have some volunteers, too. Pretty desktop!

  4. Lovely! I like sunflowers as much as gerber daisies! They're soooo happy!

  5. Lovely! I like sunflowers as much as gerber daisies! They're soooo happy!

  6. Thanks for the sweet gift of your lovely picture!!! Kim


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