Lucy News--Day 33

Every day Lucy looks different. We had this happen with Dexter too. It seems like kittens destined to be long, tall, and lanky go through what we call the "silly putty" phase more dramatically than other kittens.

Some days Lucy has a big case of "Bugs Bunny feet", as she did yesterday (see photo at left). Other days, Lucy has the proportions of a dachshund with a long body and the movements of a ferret. Then there are other days that her head is too big for her body or her back is swayed like an old nag.

The good news is that with all of this growing, her paws that were very "deformed" when she was found are now straightening out. She's walking on her tippy toes like a normal kitty should instead of all flat footed like she was with her little paw pads not doing their job. We suspect that the paw problem was due to improper nutrition living on the street.

Another trait that seems to be a holdover from her life on the street is Lucy's "scrapper" mentality. Our other kitties aren't very interested in people food or table scraps (not even turkey giblets on Thanksgiving, believe it or not!). So we've been spoiled with no begging for our food up until now. Lucy tries to stick her snout into any plate she can, and we are forced to use the word "NO" a lot accompanied with taps on the nose the way her mommy would discipline her.

Lucy has also succumbed to the dreaded "crazy kitten syndrome" that afflicts all kittens during their first year of life. We put a collar and bell on Lucy so the other kitties would know when she was coming because she was ambushing them too much for them to properly socialize and actually LIKE her. The bell has done the trick, and now the older kitties have adapted to Lucy quite nicely and even let her snuggle with them once in a while (as long as she doesn't start biting their paws which she is prone to do).

Now that Lucy's habitat cage is left open all the time, she gets visitors quite frequently--welcome or not. Lucy often has to go in and oust Thomasina out of her furry heated bed by pestering Thomasina incessantly. After much protesting, Thomasina eventually vacates the premises. Interestingly, Dee Dee has also taken to going into Lucy's habitat cage and smashing herself into the very small kitty condo. Dee Dee has ended up tipping it over a few times as well, probably as she's trying to extricate herself from the upper story. Goofy cat.

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  1. I came by way of Bloomingwriter.
    I was very pleasantly surprised to see a kitty post on my arrival. I dug deeper and found a lot more. I can't help but feel an affinity to those who have as many cats as we do. Like you we never meant to start a large feline family and would never consider giving them up.

  2. Thanks for the update! That kitty is cute :)


  3. Silly Lucy! I do believe I like her best.

  4. I love kitty feet.. sounds nuts,but it maybe because I love bunnies too hehe.

  5. Good to hear from you again. Cute "baby" pictures.

  6. Crazy Kitten Syndrome...uh oh....someone tell Mungus he was supposed to grow out of that about three years ago! Lucy looks great, Cindy, and I'm glad the others are adjusting. Makes it all the more tempting for us to adopt a couple more children...must.resist.

  7. Sounds like Lucy is developing as a silly kitty should! I can just imagine her ambushing the other cats :) Thank heaven foe the bell,heehee
    Other cats are always attracted to what they believe is not theirs ,but find attractive.Goofy cats indeed !

  8. Thanks for update on Lucy,sure you enjoy her progress.

  9. Loved the Lucy update and the pictures too. I love kitty feet....they all are so different.
    I've been feeding a little stray for over a month and she is beginning to trust me. This past week I was able to approach her without her running and just yesterday I was able to pet her. Made my heart sing. Linda

  10. Lucy is such a character! I'm glad her feet are getting better. I think you are probably right that it had to do with improper early nutrition before she found a home.

  11. Just how cute can cute be?! Sooo adorable!

  12. Oh good! More great news regarding Lucy and her acclimation to your home and the other kitties! :-) Love that first pic, with paws in the air!

  13. Hysterical--I can picture Dee Dee's fateful intrusion. Poor thing must get quite a shock when the whole thing tumbles over!

    Is paw-biting a sign of affection or hostility?

    Lucy is looking healthy and energetic and very much the "normal" kitten!

  14. Awww...I love your kitty updates!! We put jingle bells on the collar of my female because she HATES my youngest this way he knows when shes coming so he can get outta the way!!

  15. I love Lucy's Bugs Bunny feet. She is definitely a keeper, Cindy!

  16. Those are some seriously wicked feet on that cat! :)

  17. Lucy is adorable - it was a great idea putting a bell on her. The other members of the cat family must be relieved by that.

  18. Years ago I had cavies, or guinea pigs and one in particular used to run crazily all around my bedroom, jumping onto and off my bed... squealing all the way... owee, owee owee. So, when my kitties do very silly running around ambushing each other, I call it the Pig Sillies! Glad to know I am not the only one with sillies kittles.

  19. I was just about to ask you how Lucy was. ;-) She looks and sounds great. Walking on the whole foot is something that cats do when they are totally exhausted. You see this in young kittens that are undernourished (like poor Lucy) and very, very old cats, who are just too tired to walk on tippy toes any more.

    The growing in bounds and leaps is something that boy kittens do, as a rule the girls grow up more gracefully and gradually. I suppose that has to do with the bad start in life that Lucy had, but boy is she making up for it now!!!!

    Both my rescue kitties were scrappers too and you suppose rightly that it has to do with they're having to fend for themselves in the street. Lucy will grow out of it, my Kadootje and Surprise did that too.

    Crazy kitten syndrome, OEPS, I guess someone forgot to tell Kadootje (2), Merlin(4), Surprise (4), Delia (7) and Pippa(11) that they were supposed to grow out of that fase. ;-)

    Have a great weekend and give Lucy a big cuddle from me!

  20. Those are the cutest Bugs Bunny feet I've ever seen! So glad Lucy is doing well - and that the other kitties are tolerating her silliness. She's adorable!

  21. So good to see Lucy doing so well,now that she's being looked after properly she is certainly thriving,she has certainly stolen your hearts and ours as well!!Love from Kathyann and the girls

  22. That Lucy! It's so heartwarming to see her just blooming!


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