A Cherry Parfait to Brighten the Day

Today was such a dreary blustery day here at Rosehaven Cottage with rain pouring down and the light in the sky never getting brighter than that of dawn. I'm all bundled in my snuggle-y clothes thinking of cracking open a Jane Austen book, when I get an email from Kylee at Our Little Acre telling me to check out her latest post. Being a woman of great curiosity, I ventured over with the click of the mouse to find that she has tempted me beyond my rainy day willpower with photos of the Disneyland rose that is a new addition in her garden as of this year.

Now, it's only fair since I tempted her mercilessly with photos of my Gold Medal rose, not once but twice. The second time I did so knowing full well that it's on her wish list now.

Fortunately, my newly found yearning for the Disneyland rose only has to be held at bay until January (which is when I put in my new roses for the year). I really can wait until January... I really can wait until January... I really can wait until January... (I'm going to keep chanting this to myself).

But then Kylee breached etiquette worse than Ralphie triple-dog-daring Flick in "A Christmas Story". She posted photos of another new rose to me, the "Kordes Perfecta". Little does she know that white roses with pink edging are another weakness of mine.

So in order to prevent a complete internet-rose-buying-frenzy, I decided to post an entry with photos of my favorite new acquisition this year, the "Cherry Parfait" rose. I'd never seen the rose before coming across it at Wal-Mart. I saw the photo on the bare root package and thought that if it was half as beautiful as the photo then I'd be happy. For under 6 bucks, it couldn't hurt to give it a shot.

And it turned out to be the perfect choice for a spot of the front garden that has clay soil and very full sun and doesn't want to support anything except weeds. Now the low growing Cherry Parfait happily blooms it heart out against the perfect backdrop of the white picket fence. It is hearty, tolerant of the heat, and already producing beyond my expectations.

So thanks to Kylee you all get to share in my pick-me-up and shopping aversion tactic for the evening. And also thanks to Kylee, I got a good laugh on this otherwise dreary blustery day at Rosehaven Cottage.
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  1. You think you've got the last word, huh? Bwaaaaahhhhaaaaaaahhaaaaaa!!!!!

  2. Great find... you are getting your money's worth, I'd say! :)

  3. I'm not sure which I'm enjoying more--the lovely photos and text or the joyful competition between you and Kylee. Too fun!

  4. Lovely rose, you deserve that award.Thaks for sharing all the names,now I CAN ALSO START A WISHLIST.

  5. What a beautiful rose!! I love the colours. I wish I knew the names of all the roses in my garden.

  6. Do you know the poem about a white rose with red tips? I'll send it to you.

  7. "Cherry Parfait" is certainly an apt name for this gorgeous rose. I'm glad it's blooming well for you and hardy enouugh to grow where only weeds grew before....


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